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Bitcoin Focus is a new spinoff meetup organised by Iain and Paul who arrange the monthly London Bitcoin meetup.Andreas Antonopoulos on Ethereum and Bitcoin at. and its comparison with Bitcoin. on Ethereum and Bitcoin at Blockchain Meetup Berlin.They also contacted the web hosting company to get the event removed.

The easiest way to buy and sell bitcoins in London, UK.Our London Correspondent Nick Ayton aka the Sage of Shoreditch interviews a professional scammer, comments on the latest Ethereum meetup, new Criminal Coin ICO, and.The meeting was arranged by BitKan in order to allow bitcoin investors and.Fork The Banks Aids Bitcoin Adoption at Moniker. for a new project at a Coinscrum meetup in London.Previous monthly gatherings had featured a presentation on a.

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We held our first event in London in October 2014, based on the successful Women in Bitcoin evenings already happening in the USA, Canada, Germany and elsewhere.

The Bitcoin Focus meetup will occur on July 24th, at the Alpha Beta building located in 1A City Road.

The London Bitcoin Meetup group is currently the largest in the world with 2,311 members.You can use the Bitcoin ATM, learn how to make a wallet and buy your drinks with Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin 2012 London: James Mcarthy - James Mcarthy of the Global Bitcoin Stock Exchange (, the first person to fly using Bitcoin and also the first person.

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While the website lists a number of presentations, there are no speakers listed.

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Find out about the hottest bitcoin events and conferences which are taking place with our calendar.Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, bitcoins are issued and.

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Provenance x Bitcoin meetup 1. www. Up and Running with Bitcoin.Please also save the date for our big Malta Meetup: Bitcoin Club Gozo welcomes you to the eighth edition of our Bitcoin Meetup on the Island of Gozo.

Bitcoin Meetup Growth 2015 Share. Bitcoin Meetups growth 2015. London Bitcoin Meetup (Coinscrum) 2178: 2222: 2266: 2307: 2312: 2354: 2446.The website for the event says it is scheduled for March 23 and 24 at QEII Centre, London, U.K. and will have 900 attendees and 60 sponsors.

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Coinscrum started life as a very small Bitcoin meetup group in a pub in Paddington in 2012.

Several Reddit posters noted displeasure after paying for tickets for the event.Another Reddit post said they contacted the people listed as hosts for the event.Bitcoin users in London get together for local meetups to talk about bitcoin, exchange e-currency, buy and sell goods, share ideas and learn more about Bitcoin.

Ethereum Classic Considers Bitcoin. along with a discussion on Monetary Policy in the cryptocurrency space at the Ethereum Classic meetup in the City of London.

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The latest Ethereum London meetup is being welcomed with open arms and it is evident from the fact that the meetup has managed to garner twice as many subscribers.

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Much of the criticism was directed at a bitcoin news site for running an announcement about the event.

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